he company “Cranes – The Card” is next to you and provides you with RESPONSIBILITY:

Towing and roadside assistance of all types of lorries, vans and heavy vehicles. We keep the load intact and tow with a special heavy duty trailer from the truck or bus shafts without hovering over ropes.

In addition to towing trucks, buses and heavy vehicles in general, we are restoring trucks and buses that have been diverted on or off the road to the correct position (roadside assistance without towing).

TOW TRUCKS KARTALIS – Dimosthenis Kartalis

Loading and shipping of all objects, machinery and vessels thanks to our equipment (special trolleys).

Lifting loads of “parrots” up to 20 tonnes.

Imports and exports of special machines of roller skates and jacks. We also provide installation (typographic, carpentry, machine shop).

Extract all the safes and place them in space.

We ship containers responsibly (20K, 40K, 40K, 45K).

We carry prefabricated settlements of ISOBOX type.

We carry concrete chapels.

Crane boat transport.

Crane transport with the help of a crane.

Possibility of towing any of your own trailers such as trailers, boats or caravans

Our company can store if necessary.

We have 2.5 acres of storage space.